Sunny Estate is founded by visionary owner, Mr Sunny Zeng. A wine lover with an eye for detail and a belief in making the most of life, Sunny believes that “good wine should be made available to those who are seeking the best”.


Based on this mantra, the Sunny Estate wine range was established. Sourced from the best vineyards all across the country, Sunny has created Sunny Estate “in order to export the quality Australian wine to China and then to the rest of the world”. The Sunny Estate range consists of a number of regionally distinctive red and white wines, all named after the Sun.

“Our aim is to bring together the best regional wines from all over Australia to showcase to China. As part of this mission we are proud to be working with De Bortoli Wines, one of the largest producers of fine Australian wine.”


Sunny is confident that wine lovers will appreciate the new Sunny Estate range of Wine as much as he does and we invite you to join the experience of the finest wines and its exceptional craftsmanship coming from Australia.